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Durex LogoDurex Industries, a leading North American designer and manufacturer of heaters, temperature sensors, controls and systems, recently announced its QIXSHIP Program for electric immersion and circulation heaters. Standard catalog tubular heater elements, immersion heater and circulation heater assemblies can be shipped same day, or within a 2 to 5 day window, depending on design, optional configurations, and quantity ordered.

QIXSHIP is a new program that shows our commitment to making standard and custom configured heater products available for quick delivery. We provide standard catalog items as well as custom volt, watt and immersion length configurations without significantly impacting lead times… which is a huge benefit for our customers striving to keep inventories low and flexibility high.

— Randy Nelson, General Manager of Durex Industries

Durex Industries has responded to the realities of the New Economy after the Great Recession. Companies demand high levels of customer support, fast response to their needs, and quick deliveries…all at a competitive price. Durex will continue to expand this program through all of its business lines to further position it as a preferred source for electric heaters, temperature sensors, control and systems.

About Durex Industries

Durex Industries is a vertically integrated, lean enterprise advancing the state of the art in industrial electric heating, temperature sensing and control. Headquartered in a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois, Durex Industries serves the semiconductor, analytical, medical, food equipment, plastics, packaging, process industries and general industrial markets.

Pilko Tech represents Durex Industries in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Contact Us today or call 877-350-7382 to get a quote on any Durex Industries product.

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