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Shuttle kiln burners

A row of pulse-fired, low NOx burners with preheated air, like what will be supplied on the shuttle kiln for this project.

Riedhammer GmbH recently secured two orders from a leading manufacturer of green energy products: A rotary calciner to produce the raw materials and a high temperature batch kiln to sinter those materials into ceramic electrolytes. Both will be operational in the second quarter of 2011. Both of the kilns will be installed at an existing facility that is being repurposed to produce green energy products.

The batch kiln has an internal volume of 12 cubic meters (425 cu. ft.) and fires to 1600°C (2900°F) using natural gas as a fuel. It includes the latest technologies for reduced emissions, energy recovery, and high volume production, while maximizing temperature uniformity and minimizing potential contaminants.

The rotary calciner can process more than 500 kg/hr (1,100 lb/hr) of the raw material. The tube is lined with special, high-purity materials to minimize silica, alkali and transition metal poisoning of the material. The calciner is direct-fired using natural gas.

Riedhammer’s experience, responsiveness and ability to meet the customer’s budget goals without sacrificing quality were the reasons cited by the customer for selecting Riedhammer as the supplier for this equipment. The total value of these two projects is more than US$ 5.3 million.

Riedhammer, based in Nuremberg, Germany has supplied hundreds of kilns for the manufacture of a diverse array of electronic ceramic components including advanced batteries, fuel cells, passive components and sensors. In addition to batch kilns, Riedhammer supplies tunnel, roller, pusher-slab and rotary kilns that may be fuel-fired or electrically heated in sizes from bench-top through to the largest custom-engineered kilns ever delivered. Riedhammer is a part of The Sacmi Group (, manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Beverage & Packaging, Processing and Plastics industries.

PilkoTech represents Riedhammer products to the technical ceramics market. If you are producing electrolytes for fuel cells, advanced batteries or other precision electronic applications, call 877-350-7382 or contact us today!

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