Sacmi EKO Kiln with REKO BurnersThe Sacmi group, parent to PilkoTech partners Reidhammer, Laeis, and SAMA will be displaying their new EKO series roller hearth kiln at Tecnargilla, taking place in Rimini Italy from September 27 through October 1, 2010.

The EKO Series Single Layer Roller Hearth is not merely an upgrade to the existing kilns, but a genuine technological revolution which boasts:

  • fume/product heat exchange management;
  • the ability to select which fumes to purify;
  • an energy-efficient design that considerably reduces hourly fume volume; and
  • the opportunity to have a kiln that can alter its length according to production volumes.

EKO consists of a series of thermal modules called “cells” in which the fumes exchange thermal energy with the material in an optimized manner compared to traditional kilns. EKO also reduces the volume of toxic fumes that need to be filtered and, for the first time, it is possible to differentiate fumes, manage small amounts and subject them to “targeted” purification treatment of contaminants, with obvious benefits in terms of a simplified process and respect for the environment.

The use of cells enables the firing curve profile to be better controlled while allowing stable pressures and temperatures to be maintained even when the volume of product in transit varies.  If production is reduced cells that are not required can be deactivated: This is like having having a variable-length kiln.

EKO is equipped with REKO self-recuperative burners which extract the hot fumes from the kiln chamber and use them to preheat the combustion air up to 700°C or 1300°F for immediate energy savings. These may be fitted onto shuttle kilns in addition to the EKO roller hearth kiln.

The EKO Series compliments the H.E.R.O. — High Efficiency Resource Optimizer — kilns that SACMI introduced at the last Tecnargilla, two years ago. SACMI will have three sample modules on display in their booth at this year’s Tecnargilla.

If you would like more information on energy-efficient kilns from SACMI, or are looking for complimentary admission to Tecnargilla, please contact us by email or phone.


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