HTH - High-Temperature Top Hat Kiln

Made by: Riedhammer GmbH,   in Industrial Kilns, Calciners, Laboratory Kilns
/wp-content/uploads/products/rh/HTH.jpg Originally designed for the refractory industry, the high-temperature top hat kiln is an ideal solution for manufacturers of high-alumina technical ceramics. The stationary base and lifting kiln makes it ideal for processing extremely heavy loads.

Key Features:
  • Useful volume from 0.5 to 40 m³ (18 to 1400 ft³).
  • Firing temperatures to 1800°C (3270°F).
  • Fuel fired using naural gas, LPG, oil or kerosene.
  • Fuel ratio control during firing to achieve oxidizing, neutral or reducing atmospheres.
  • Firing cycles as short as 20 hours cold-cold.
  • Energy recovery systems available as an option
  • Low oxygen binder removal systems with thermal post-combustion available.


  • Technical Ceramics
  • Advanced Materials
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