In the course of my weekly reading this week, I happened on this great 9-minute video by Randy Nelson (not the same one at Durex Industries), Dean of Pixar University on what they are looking for in an employee at their organization.

The video is embedded here, but if you can’t or don’t like watching videos on your PC, Garr Reynolds puts an excellent summary on his blog, Presentation Zen. (If you share information for a living, dig deep in his archive. You’ll see Garr is has achieved mastery).

How your organization would run with the culture of Pixar?

What if in meetings you had to accept every offer, make the offerer look good, and give your plus one to it? What if you knew everyone else in the room was also working towards that goal?

Are your functional teams merely cooperating on their projects: Staying out of the other person’s way, and assuming everyone is pulling their weight, performing at a level that one person could, if they had enough time? Or is there true collaboration going on – where the output of the team is truly greater than the sum of its parts?

Finally: What have you really achieved mastery in? Do you have “the proof of a portfolio, or are you merely relying on the promise of your resume?”

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