Chris Pilko

Chris Pilko has lead heat processing companies to process improvements through better equipment for nearly the past 20 years. The beginning of his career in field service has taught him to always look at what is truly important: reliable, maintainable systems that meet your needs.

His results with this approach speak for themselves: In less than three years he was able to double sales as the President for a foreign manufacturer’s US office, despite shrinking manufacturing employment and unfavorable currency situations. This led him to start Pilko Technology Associates in 2009.

“In this competitive global market, the days of easy sales are gone. Everyone’s problems are different, and if you’re not constantly innovating, your specialty products will become commodities tomorrow with unsustainable margins,” says Chris. “When you spend a capital dollar, you have to get the best return on that investment to make sure you are ready for tomorrow’s competitors who might show up. We can help guide you through that and show you the options to help you succeed.”

Chris Pilko graduated as a Ceramic Engineer from Alfred University in 1992. After graduating he worked as a service engineer for several companies, starting up a variety of furnaces and automated systems throughout the world.

Contact Pilko Tech today to see for yourself how we can help you succeed.

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